Investing differently

NAMAKOR Holdings is the right solution for SME owners and managers who want to grow their business and are looking for an alternative source of funding. In addition to investing in promising businesses, NAMAKOR Holdings provides them with constant operational support and enables them to enjoy a comprehensive business relations network, which guarantees the quality of the support and the creation of value.

NAMAKOR Holdings’ goal is to foster the growth of businesses in which it invests and stimulate their business activities to increase their long-term value.

"When NAMAKOR Holdings invests in a business, it’s more about commitment than involvement."

Patrick Dussault


NAMAKOR Holdings acts as an active majority investor (buy out) by buying more than 50% of the company shares or as an active minority investor.

Regardless of the scenario, you always receive tailored advice on how to improve the management of your operations.

NAMAKOR Holdings stands out because of its process and systematically implements a strategic plan and ensures its execution. Our team also works on optimizing operations and building a sound funding structure.

Furthermore, NAMAKOR Holdings sees to it that you are put into contact with anyone likely to promote your business development and future acquisitions.


Being passionate is a prerequisite

You believe in your business! It’s in a growth phase (interesting potential for organic growth and acquisitions). You need help ensuring your succession, buying a new business or developing new markets.

NAMAKOR Holdings is there to support and guide you:

  • Participation in the development of the business strategy;
  • Research and analysis of market development opportunities;
  • Operational support;
  • Support of merger and acquisition activities.

With NAMAKOR Holdings, you create value. We let you take action while helping you fulfill your growth ambitions, because we’re entrepreneurs ourselves.

"We let you take action while fulfilling your growth ambitions."

Stéphane Huot

Choosing the right path

Thanks to a recognized expertise in business acquisition and proven experience in the management and growth of various businesses, we quickly evaluate the business opportunities presented to us. When we decide to invest, we take one of the following actions:

  • Control investment – business acquisition (buy-out);
  • ACTIVE minority investment.
Conditions necessary for NAMAKOR Holdings to intervene:
  • Businesses with sales ranging from 20 to $70M;
  • Leaders in a niche market;
  • Significant growth potential (sales and acquisitions);
  • Competent and dynamic management team in place, one that is focused on growth and profitability;
  • Activities focused on the light manufacturing or service distribution sector;
  • Businesses located in Canada and USA.

Let’s talk!

" There’s no entrepreneurial character but it takes character to be an entrepreneur. "



Patrick Dussault

Patrick Dussault

Senior Partner, President

Patrick Dussault is an entrepreneur at heart and first evolved in the banking world, namely at BMO and National Bank. He has more than 15 years experience in business financing and the field of commercial activities. This business enthusiast participated in the acquisition of various SMEs and actively contributed to their growth.

Through his leading role at NAMAKOR Holdings, this visionary can take concrete action by drawing on his skills and experience to assist North American businesses. Moreover, business executives often call on Patrick to benefit from his expertise and extensive network.

An administration graduate from UQAM, Patrick Dussault also has a diploma in financial analysis and has received training at McDonald’s University, the fast food restaurant giant.

Stéphane Huot

Stéphane Huot

Senior Partner

As a former member of the Control Management team at Bombardier Transport and Vice-President of Johnvince Foods, Stéphane Huot is the President of Termaco, a canadian company that has experienced exceptional growth under his leadership. This operations professional ensures that the business reaches its full potential.

One of Stéphane’s key strengths is knowing how to to build a strong team and managing to put forward the skills and synergy of his teams to optimize productivity and performance.

Recognized by his peers for his keen sense of analysis and innate talent in the art of developping strategies that will play an essential role in the growth of a business, Stéphane Huot has a diploma in administration from UQAM. Throughout the years, he gained solid experience in management, finance and operational control.

Eric Saint-Jacques

Eric Saint-Jacques

A seasoned business leader with a proven track record, Eric’s comprehensive Sales and International business development career covered the telecommunications (Inmarsat, Teleglobe), e-commerce (Mediagrif) and enterprise application (Infor) fields. He further developed his expertise by managing engineering groups (software and hardware) as well as directing manufacturing and supply chain operations in the electronic and digital media fields. As general manager of TouchTunes, Eric was a key member of the team that managed its turn-around and its high value sale to Soros and Searchlight Capital Partners.

Namakor Holdings will benefit from his expertise in the areas of businesses with accelerated growth and those operating in multicultural markets.

Eric’s college education in Sciences was rounded up with studies in psychology at Mc Gill University and Business Administration at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM).

Miro Yaghi

Miro Yaghi

Miro Yaghi is a seasoned, experienced leader holding a Masters degree in industrial Engineering (M. Eng), a Masters in business administration (MBA) and a certified accountant CPA. Throughout his career he built up an impressive track record. As such he has occupied strategic positions and leading roles in companies of international scope active in various industries, notably, aerospace, railways, banking, and in the manufacturing and distribution sectors.

He is recognized by his peers as being results oriented and a strategic leader for business development and for optimizing business execution. Miro will invest his skills, energy and leadership in order to lead and accelerate the growth of Termaco.

Alain Robillard

Alain Robillard

With more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing field, Alain Robillard rose from the position of comptroller to become CEO. Under his management, Montcorr Packaging enjoyed exceptional growth and was recognized as a model of integrity within the industry. President and general manager of Gelpac Inc., he ensures that each stakeholder contributes to the achievement of the strategic plan.

A key strength of this manager with a keen long-term vision, is the quality of his leadership. Day-in, day-out he strives to optimize the synergy of his teams in order to efficiently reach bold targets.

To his open mind and multidisciplinary skills, Alain adds a diploma in administration from l’Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and holds the CPA and CA certifications from l’Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec.


Partnering with NAMAKOR Holdings also means having privileged access to certain management tools and a comprehensive network of professionals who can assist you in the development of your business. Whether it’s for marketing, communications, promotion, business law or taxation, we work with the best. We help you take on your daily challenges to meet and even exceed your goals.



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