Namakor holdings acquires clôtures frontenac inc.

Namakor holdings acquires clôtures frontenac inc.

MONTREAL, January 10th, 2023 /CISION  NAMAKOR Holdings is pleased to announce the acquisition of Clôtures Frontenac Inc. and the input of the required human and financial resources to accelerate the company’s current sustained growth.

Uphold a successful track record

Clôtures Frontenac, founded in 1998 by Mrs. Ginette Mercier and Mr. Gerald Lemay, leads a highly competitive market with products recognized for their superior quality and an extended portfolio of products and accessories. The company is a prime supplier to fence installers, hardware retailers,
and home owners.

“Working collaboratively with our customers to gather feedback and new perspectives has helped us to be continuously aligned with our markets’ needs, fueled the development of our products, and sustained the on-going growth of the business. Our tight control at the design, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping stages, has delivered optimal quality throughout our full product range: fences made with aluminium, steel, glass, ornamental, frost, PVC, polyethylene, Karbon and more for commercial, institutional, and residential projects,” underlines Mr. Gerald Lemay, outgoing President and CEO of Clôtures Frontenac.

“Each member of the Clôtures Frontenac family is justifiably proud of the contribution of the team, including all our customers, to the ongoing success of the company. With the human and financial resources supplied by NAMAKOR, it is with enthusiasm and determination that we will pursue exciting new growth opportunities,” adds Mr. Gerald Lemay.

Mrs. Mercier and Mr. Lemay will remain on-board as valued advisors to the senior management team.

An Exceptional Team

Mr. Dany Paradis joins Clôtures Frontenac as president and CEO. “The success of NAMAKOR’s portfolio companies is driven by the addition of outstanding human resources at the helm of exceptional teams,” underlines Mr. Stéphane Huot, President and COO of NAMAKOR Holdings. “Dany’s focus on teamwork, collaboration, innovation and continuous improvement together with his in-depth experience as President of a Quebec manufacturing company and as a senior executive in leading companies in the sports, pulp and paper and media industries will enable Clôtures Frontenac’s seasoned team to reach new heights
of excellence,” adds Mr. Huot.

Exciting opportunities

“With a clear line of sight for the demand for fencing products, we believe Frontenac has the right infrastructure to successfully capture significant market share in a fragmented market. Leveraging NAMAKOR’s strategic partners, industry networks and financial resources, Clôtures Frontenac is on track to accelerate organic growth and expand into new geographic markets,” says Mr. Abhi Capoor, Principal, NAMAKOR Holdings.

An Assertive Strategic Plan

The Canadian market for fencing products is characterized by multiple competitors. To gain market share requires rigorous strategic discipline. “NAMAKOR enjoys a stellar track record of supporting the long-term development of efficient manufacturing companies,” highlights Mr. Patrick Dussault, Co-Chairman and CEO of NAMAKOR Holdings. “It is with enthusiasm that we commit to assist Frontenac’s management team with the development and execution of an assertive strategic plan,” adds Mr. Dussault.

“With the acquisition of Frontenac, NAMAKOR has completed its 5th platform acquisition and 12th transaction, since its founding. Frontenac provides NAMAKOR the ability to invest in its growth initiatives and position itself for a dedicated capital vehicle for future acquisitions”, CONCLUDES Mr. Capoor.