Mr. Stéphane Huot, Senior partner of NAMAKOR Holdings announces the nomination of Mr. Miro Yaghi to the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of Termaco.

The company designs, manufactures and integrates advanced solutions for the protection of energy storage systems as well as cabinets, special usage containers and utility truck bodies.

A dynamic and committed leader

Miro joined Termaco as general manager in October 2017. Since then, he has quickly investedhis skills, energy and leadership in order to maintain and accelerate the growth generated by
the implementation of the business plan created following NAMAKOR’s acquisition of Termaco in 2015. His understanding of key industry issues and especially of the short, mid and long-term
challenges faced by our clients and suppliers, his decision to invest and to invest himself in the company as well as his determination to foster excellence and teamwork with respect of the
individual make him the ideal candidate to take over from me as President and Chief Executive Officer of Termaco. It is thus with confidence and enthusiasm that I move on to devote my skills
at the identification of new synergy opportunities with companies having complementary operations to our own underlines Mr. Huot

Miro Yaghi is a seasoned, experienced leader holding a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering (M. Eng.), a Masters degree in business administration (MBA) and a certified accountant CPA.
Throughout his career, he built an impressive track record. He has occupied strategic positions and leading roles in companies of international scope active in various industries, notably,
aerospace, railways, banking and in the manufacturing and distribution sectors.

About Termaco

Founded in 1968, Termaco operates plants in Reading, Pennsylvania and in Saint-Jean-surRichelieu, Quebec. Harnessing the power of precision engineering and craftsmanship and with a
workforce of 200 skilled individuals, the company is a leader of the North American industry. Many of its innovations have revolutionized the industry. Termaco was the pioneer in the
development and application of cured powder coatings, the process to prevent metal corrosion in the battery industry. Its new, patented, LaserTrayTM and TrueBUSTM product lines have attracted the interest of major players in the industry due to the exceptional performance gains they offer. (